Gum Tree Branch Breaks and Lands on Car

Today at around midday I was at my work desk when I a heard a cracking noise outside. I turned around and a gumtree branch had broken off and landed on a Blue Hyundai Accent parked across the road. The branch was large enough to smash the windscreen and dent the roof. A few hours later, after the police had checked the scene, a tow truck came and towed the car away.

The owner of the car worked at the real estate agency next to my office. When he worked at another agent my boss rented my apartment from him. The area under the gum trees near the river is very popular for parking, particularly in summer when the trees provide shade from the scorching sun. It could have been anybody’s car parked there. Bad luck!

As an addendum to the previous post, here is a photo of Huseyin abi in his shop prior to the makeover:

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