Hamdi Came Back to Town

Yesterday afternoon work received a surprise when one of our former clients walked into the office. In 2002 we sent Hamdi to the US on an internship in the hospitality field. His program in Georgia lasted 18 months and he arrived back in Turkey last week. Hamdi, from Gaziantep, now has a couple of subjects left to complete his degree at Mersin University. I chatted with him about his experience in the US and, like most such occasions, returning back to Turkey is just as much a challenge as moving to the US.

After work Hamdi and I played pool and billiards at my local place, 10 minutes walk from work. He used to play billiards a lot during high school. Although the pool games went either way, billiards was one-sided and I became student, learning tricks and techniques from Hamdi the teacher.

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