Hani and Mahwish’s 1st Wedding Reception

Finally, I’m posting the photos from brilliant couple Hani and Mahwish’s wedding receptions in Karachi. Hani and Mahwish have already returned to Pakistan after their honeymoon in Australia!

As with tradition, Groom Hani and Bride Mahwish had two wedding receptions. The first one, held in a large marquee, was hosted by Mahwish’s family. This was the more important reception as Mahwish’s family was, in effect, giving her away to Hani.

Although the receptions were very formal events with no singing or dancing, the traditional suits and dresses made the event very colourful. Many of the females also sported intricate henna tattos on their hands and feet.

The food was open-buffet style. There is almost always heaps of food left over as the hosts cater for everybody invited to the wedding, often several hundred people, despite the fact that lots of people do not turn up.

Winter is wedding season in Pakistan and locals have to plan their schedule carefully as with so many weddings occuring at the same time, with several events per wedding, clashes between events inevitably occur.

Arriving to the event

On the stage

Siblings Huda, Hadi and Hani along with Mahwish and her sister

A beaming Mahwish in her stunning wedding dress

‘Guarding’ the wedding couple

With Hani’s parents

The reception marquee

Huda’s hennaed hands

Surrounded by Hani’s friends

Sampling the wedding cake. Note: although the wedding cake looks like a traditional ‘Western’ wedding fruit cake, it was in fact a delicious chocolate cake.


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