Hanifi Amca’s Photos of long ago

My neighbour Hanifi amca was kind enough to let me scan and publish some photos of himself from many years ago. Although retired now, Hanifi previously worked for the Turkish Railway, the TCDD. Several of the photos are of him with his fellow TCDD workers. I hope you enjoy a small glimpse of Turkey from long ago (well, before I was born).

NOTE: ‘amca’ in Turkish means ‘Father’s brother’ and is a term of respect for older men. In English the equivalent is ‘Uncle’ although ‘amca’ is used between unrelated people in Turkish far more than ‘uncle’ is in English. The female equivalent is ‘teyze’ which means ‘Mother’s sister’ or Auntie.


Hanifi as a young boy (front-right of photo) with his family more than 55 years ago.

Military Service

Hanifi (to the right) during his military service.

Mother Mary’s House

With another TCDD employee at Mother Mary’s House, Selcuk.

Ephesus Group of 4

Ephesus Large Group

Two photos at Ephesus

Selcuk Single

Selcuk Group

Two photos in the town of Selcuk.

Pamukkale Single

Pamukkale Group of 6

Pamukkale Group of 3

Pamukkale Group of 12

Four photos in Pamukkale. I’m sure Pamukkale was whiter and more pristine in those days than today.


Hanifi in front of a bay in south western Turkey. I believe it may be one of the Greek Islands in the background. And, yeah, Hanifi does not have as much hair now as in the photo!

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