Here a Boxing Association, there a Boxing Association, Everywhere a Boxing Association

Intro: I have little to absolutely no interest in boxing. It is a corrupt ‘sport’ with the prime aim of hurting someone else. Hey, I have no problem with physicality in sport and I love the clashes in Aussie Rules, for example. However, I don’t believe the prime objective of any sport should be to hurt the opposition.

Recently one of the “stock recommendation” email scams going around has recommended something related to the “World Boxing League“.

Out of curiosity, I searched for this league. The search lead me to this great article. Amongst before some very funny boxing association ancedotes, the author lists the different boxing associations he found from the Internet:

World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC), International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Boxing Organisation (WBO), World Boxing Union(WBU), International Boxing Association (IBA), International Boxing Council (IBC) World Boxing Federation (WBF), International Boxing Organisation (IBO), World Boxing Board (WBB), National Boxing Association (NBA), Universal Boxing Federation (UBF), World Athletic Association (WAA), International Boxing Union (IBU), People’s Boxing Association (PBO), World Boxing Empire (WBE), World Boxing Network (WBN), Universal Boxing Council (UBC), World Cup of Boxing (WCOB), Global Boxing Federation (GBF), Universal Boxing Federation (UBF), World Boxing League (WBL).

This website lists even more associations!

Can professional boxing have any credibility at all as a ‘sport’?

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