Hi From Kamala Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Kamala Beach Resort swimming pool reflection

A Kamala Beach Resort swimming pool reflecting coconut palms in the early morning still

I arrived here yesterday after an overnight flight from Perth via Singapore. One of the first things that struck me about Phuket (besides the throng of people waiting at the airport) was the amount of electricity and other cabling lining the streets.

I’m not used to staying in a resort, but I’ll manage to survive 🙂

From observation, the majority of resort guests are from the European continent. The spiciness of the restaurant menu reflects this with few dishes having a ‘1 chilli’ rating, let alone the hottest 2 chillies level. Yesterday I ate a 2 chilli Thai basil and pork dish rather easily (and the waitress wanted repeat assurance when ordering that I wanted it hot). At least Dad’s mild preferences will be well catered for when he arrives with Mum.

The weather is hot, overcast and very humid with intermittent showers – it is the low season for tourists. I can see how some people from cool climates are happy to come here and not even leave the resort.

After 24 hours in Phuket I’ve arrived to the conclusion that best part of the day is the early morning. Today I woke up before 6am and went for a walk along up and down Kamala Beach and along the main street. Following are some photos from this walk.

Kamala Beach before everybody wakes up

Kamala Beach in the early morning

Happy hours, Kamala Beach

Once you have taken 50 baths you can enjoy a 6 hour happy hour

Reflections, Kamala, Phuket


Tsunami Disaster Monument, Kamala Beach, Phuket

Monument commemorating the 2004 Tsunami disaster

Thai long boats, Phuket

Thai long boats

Kamala cables

Cables everywhere – Kamala’s main street

Truck full of workers, Phuket

The purple team on the way to work

Fish Sauce, Phuket

The Thais take their fish sauce very seriously – filling up 3 bays of a supermarket

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