Home Made Muesli Time Again

In Turkey I made my own muesli several times. The joy I got from eating it could not be overstated.




Last Sunday, on a spur of the moment decision at the only grocers open* in the area, Swansea Street Markets of East Victoria Park, I decided to make muesli again.


The above photo is the result of mixing wheat flakes, rice flakes, wheat bran, raisins, currants, slivered almonds, coconut flakes, rolled oats, roasted cashews, linseeds, roasted peanuts, mixed dried fruit, pumpkin seeds and bran together. I didn’t have a suitable container so I placed the ingredients in one bag inside another.


This week I’ve eaten muesli most mornings and nights although it is not as good as the batches I created in Turkey 🙂


*Another difference between Perth and Adelaide is that Perth only has Sunday trading in the city centre and Fremantle.

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