Huseyin Abi (Update)

I didn’t bother to fast today. If Turkey had a Ramazan culture like Cairo I would have fasted from the start. However, it doesn’t and I don’t believe the faith or want to lose weight enough to continue. The Turkish coffee at work today was great. So were the lahmacun and salad. 😉

Yesterday, besides fasting, I also met Huseyin abi for the first time since he finished running his shop, Can Can Tekel ve Bufe. After selling the lease to the shop, Huseyin went to Ankara and only returned to Mersin recently. He will spend two more years in Mersin before returning to Ankara with his family. At the moment he is looking for work.

A few days beforehand I visited his old shop to buy a bottle of Sevilen Merlot (13,000,000 TL). A month or so previously I opened the Sevilen Cabernet Sauvignon and it was quite a nice drop. I hope the Merlot will be of similar quality. I digress…

The new shop was transformed! Everything was clean, tidy and refreshed. It was though the stock on sale screamed ‘buy me’. Obviously, the new managers had put some effort into reinvigorating the shop, making it more customer-friendly. I guess that happens most times with new and enthusiastic management.

PS: Does anyone have any opinions on the new Joe’s Ramblings’s colours?

The ugly green of before has had it’s day. I hope the website looks refreshed and is screaming ‘read me’. 😉

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