Imran The Survivor

Imran and Natraj eating kebab at 2 AM after a visit to Bad-Lik Bar

Tonight, Imran will be on the bus to Izmir, leaving after one year . From Izmir he will fly back home to England. There will be no AIESEC trainees in Adana for the first time I can remember.

On the weekend Imran twice came from Adana to visit. Saturday night we watched the soccer at Orhan’s place and ate tantuni. After teaching a lesson in Adana Sunday morning Imran returned to Mersin in the afternoon for macaroni with Egyptian smoked herring and zucchini in tomato sauce and kunefe with ice cream.

Imran has worked 7 days a week for a year with few breaks, teaching a Microsoft certificate course. Once Imran leaves there will be no one living in the infamous trainee apartment. I’m glad I don’t have to clean it up!

I probably should write a separate post on the trainee apartment.

The AIESEC Adana trainee apartment whiteboard. Click on the picture for a larger version and read several generations of Adana trainees’ comments.

I wish Imran the best back in the UK and congratulate him for making it through his traineeship.

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