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I don’t know how credible this story is as it is poorly written and I have not heard it from any other source. If true, it is a sad indictment on Mersin society.

National athlete froze to death at street

Turkish National athlete Cihan Kesici, who had represented Turkey in various contest for many times, could not bear freezing weather with his blanket at street, and passed away in the hospital he taken.

Cihan Kesici striking the agenda of Turkey last month with DIHA’s story entitled ” The national athlete who has presented Turkey in 60 international competitions” has been living at street” lost his life in Mersin. Although his strong body had been able to struggle in 60 contests, he could not bear freezing the cold weather living homeless underneath a blanket. Being about to freeze to death, he was taken to Mersin State Hospital with aids of shopkeepers nearby, but could not saved from death in spite of medical interventions. His funeral ceremony to which none of his relatives attend was held by his a few friends in Guneykent City Graveyard, Mersin.

Striking claim

The shopkeepers helping Kesici taken to hospital have kept the officials accountable for national athlete’s death said “It has been rainy for many days and Kesici escaped from freezing danger times and times. We called an ambulance last Sunday. The officials in the vehicle did not accept to take him into the vehicle because he was ‘very dirty’, so they left him ill with his bad situation. Is human life so cheap?”


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