Indian Adventure Coming To An End

I’m now in Bangalore Airport, 5 hours before my overnight Tiger Airways flight to Singapore departs. My trip to India has been a wonderful experience and I am sure to visit this fascinating country multiple times again.


Last night we said goodbye to Dragos after a beer at a local pub. Today, Natraj, Sounalya, his delightful wife and I ate a traditional South Indian breakfast of idli and dosa. For lunch, along with delicious Hyderabad Biryani and fish curry, I finally ate lip-tingling and nose-dripping spicy food – a chicken curry. I was waiting all trip for a scorcher and I finally got one!


I didn’t get around to playing a game of street cricket but that will have to wait for my next trip to India…

3 thoughts on “Indian Adventure Coming To An End

  1. Yoo, I am glad you finally had your spicy curry. It is probably the reason of the "dehly belly" you spoke about in an later post 🙂

    PS: I just got over my own "dehly belly" few days ago … it sucked big time

  2. Dragos,

    Your 'Delhi Belly' lasted that long? I'm sorry to here about it and hope you are completely over it.

    I suspect my 'Delhi Belly' came from bananas I bought in Bangalore as I felt stomach pains when I ate the remainder of them on the way to Australia, many hours after I previously had issues.

    Yes, it was a trip full of superlatives 🙂

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