Indian Adventure Coming To An End

I’m now in Bangalore Airport, 5 hours before my overnight Tiger Airways flight to Singapore departs. My trip to India has been a wonderful experience and I am sure to visit this fascinating country multiple times again.


Last night we said goodbye to Dragos after a beer at a local pub. Today, Natraj, Sounalya, his delightful wife and I ate a traditional South Indian breakfast of idli and dosa. For lunch, along with delicious Hyderabad Biryani and fish curry, I finally ate lip-tingling and nose-dripping spicy food – a chicken curry. I was waiting all trip for a scorcher and I finally got one!


I didn’t get around to playing a game of street cricket but that will have to wait for my next trip to India…

3 thoughts on “Indian Adventure Coming To An End

  1. Yoo, I am glad you finally had your spicy curry. It is probably the reason of the "dehly belly" you spoke about in an later post 🙂

    PS: I just got over my own "dehly belly" few days ago … it sucked big time

  2. Needless to say that our reunion had only superlative moments and I am glad to catch up after 4 years. Till next reunion in Australia or Romania, we'll stay in touch through net. Take care

  3. Dragos,

    Your 'Delhi Belly' lasted that long? I'm sorry to here about it and hope you are completely over it.

    I suspect my 'Delhi Belly' came from bananas I bought in Bangalore as I felt stomach pains when I ate the remainder of them on the way to Australia, many hours after I previously had issues.

    Yes, it was a trip full of superlatives 🙂

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