Janet, Brittany and Justin in a World-First ‘Live’ Concert Recording Experience

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Janet Jackson, Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake have jointly announced the start of world-first ‘live’ concert CD releases.

Real concert artists like Pearl Jam and Phish have released concert CD’s previously, but they were brought out well after the final song of finished. For each of Janet’s, Brittany’s and Justin’s forthcoming fall 2004 concerts fans can buy a mastered concert CD – 3 HOURS BEFORE THE ACTUAL EVENT STARTS!

Every pre-concert release contains a special CD cover. The CD cover will identify which pre-concert the CD is from. The different covers will also minimise piracy concerns.

The actual CD, however, remains exactly the same for every gig. After all, each concert’s pre-recorded songs do not vary from gig to gig. Even the canned audience applause will stay authentically identical. The world-first ‘live’ CD’s will only be available inside the venues to those fans with concert tickets.

A DVD was slated for joint release, but the producers discovered artists’ dance steps do vary slightly for each concert and the hardcore fans will recognise the DVD was not from their city’s show.

Brittany is delighted with the new concept, stating:

“For only $49.95 a fan can have a truly unique gift to keep forever. A combined ticket-CD package is less than $200, unbelievable value for a megastar product!”

Justin adds:

“I will buy a CD for all my concerts myself. I love hearing my own voice again and again.”

For Janet concertgoers there is a special bonus as explained by the superstar herself:

“I love all my fans and I understand what they really want from me. For the wonderful men, each CD has a limited edition close-up photo of my [CENSORED]. My female devotees receive 10% off all [CENSORED] Rejuvenation Ltd products and services including the “Janet Jackson Signature [CENSORED] Nipple Accessory, as seen at Superbowl XXXVIII.”

Brittany’s svengali states:

“Brittany, Justin and Janet understand these releases will place their names up there with history’s innovators like Betty Boo and Milli Vanilli. Brittany, Justin and Janet’s 15 minutes of fame will last at least 25.”

This concept will transform the ‘live’ concert industry as we know it.

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