Joe’s Christmas/New Year Email

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings again from Mersin, Turkey!

The end of 2004 is rapidly approaching. I hope this year was a good year for everyone with great outcomes and a positive base set for 2005 and beyond.

The main highlight of 2004 for me was my trip to Iran this summer. The friendly people, unique culture, food, crazy traffic, history and architecture of this much maligned country were well worth visiting. In future I want to return to Iran for a longer trip. You can read about Iran on the August, September and 3 October archive posts at

Other highlights of 2004 were Port winning the AFL premiership, attending a high-society wedding with friends in Aleppo, Syria, winning my court case against the Turkish electricity distributor, Brad and Olivia visiting, winning 735,000,000 lira in the Turkish lotto, Maria singing at Cazara, hearing about my high school’s 10 year reunion (unfortunately, I couldn’t attend) and getting in touch with former classmates, and many, many other occasions. Apologies if I have not mentioned occasions I should have – there were so many highlights.

I wish those who celebrate Christmas a wonderful and happy time, particularly for people suffering in the cold climates! Believe it or not, but this my 4th cold-climate Christmas in a row. Christmas is actually meant to be like this!

1 January not only brings 2005, but also signals the introduction of the New Turkish Lira. I was not alive when Australia changed currencies and this will be the first time I will experience a currency change first-hand. I’m excited! To inform people about Turkey’s currency change I have started a website at I hope you find it interesting.

Once again, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, positive 2005!

Lots of love,


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