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Whilst searching the Internet with Google for Mersin links I came across a website detailing Mersin’s legal brothel.

I knew prostitution was legal at government-controlled brothels in Turkey and I knew Mersin had a brothel. However, I didn’t have a clue (nor care) about its location or details or why the women work there. Apparently the women who work there are there because they defaulted on paying debts and chose prostitution instead of prison. The first sentence in the article goes:


Place is deader that most graveyards in the world.”

The article is interesting reading but not recommended for workplaces or other serious locations as the words are sharp and the website address is not appropriate to have in the ‘history’ directory of your browser. The article is at this location.

Next is another prostitution in Turkey article. This one is about the number of Russian prostitutes in Turkey and the economic contribution they make to the Russian economy.

Three billion US dollars – this is the summary profit of Russian prostitutes in Turkey per year.”

Read about it here: Will Prostitutes Save Russia?

On the left column of my blog provider’s homepage they have a list of notable blogs the employees at Blogger find. In April one of the blogs chosen was Life at TJ’s Place. This is a very well-written blog about running a strip club. The introduction states:

“TJ’s is a gentlemen’s club in the Midwestern United States. I’m Kevin, the assistant manager. This is for all of you who think managing a strip joint would be the world’s greatest job.”

Happy reading!

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