Kamber Dede

On Sunday I met Kamber dede (Father’s Father) my friend Orhan’s grandfather. Kamber dede usually resides in Adana although, recently, due to poor health, he has stayed with Orhan’s family in Mersin.

Kamber dede is 83 years old, making him one of the last people born in the Ottoman Empire, prior to the formation of the Turkish Republic in 1923.

Kamber dede’s daughter’s grandchild is 23 (older than Orhan, his grandchild) and will probably become a parent in the next few years. If Kamber dede is still alive then, he will have the opportunity to see his grandchild’s grandchild. How many people have that opportunity?

I wish Kamber dede the best of health!

UPDATE (2007-07-24): Sadly, but not before time, Kamber Dede passed away earlier this month. Basina sagolsun!

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