Lahore Pakistan

After Hani and Mehwish’s 2 wedding receptions in Karachi I flew north to Lahore. Lahore, located close to the Indian border, has an ancient past and is Pakistan’s main tourist centre. It is the capital of Punjab Province with Punjabi being the major spoken language. Lahore is also noted for its shopping and I bought some bargain souvenirs.

The next two videos were shot from a rickshaw on the way to the Data Sahib Shrine. In the second video, note the guy yelling from the van approximately 12 seconds in. He wasn’t too complimentary!



Pigeons on the roof of the Data Sahib Shrine

From the Hospital District

The decorations on the right are of a florist in the old city

The grounds of the World Heritage-listed Lahore Fort with the Badshahi Mosque in the background

The fort entry fee sign

In the fort grounds

Some of the architecture in the fort buildings, like this elephant, was intricate and beautiful

I love reflections

Lahore Fort tilework

The Lahore Fort

I didn’t see as much as I wanted to in Lahore as first thing on all mornings but one I had to rush to the toilet. For one or two hours each morning I didn’t feel 100%. By the time I felt good half the day was gone. The only morning I did not need to go to the loo I ate KFC (for health reasons, of course) the night before. At KFC I was served by speech and hearing impaired employees. The restaurant used a special system of hand signals to communicate with.

Lahore’s pollution was also challenging. I developed a sore throat and then a cold because of it. In Karachi I was protected from the pollution most of the time, travelling by air-conditioned car and staying at Hani’s place. I can’t imagine what it’s like in the heat of summer. To get used to this part of the world and enjoy their trip properly, people should stay at least a month.

The air pollution is evident in this Old City photograph

Fish offal, foam boxes and untreated sewerage make for a delightful smell and a photo not found in official tourism promotions


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