Libertarian Thoughts

Recently I’ve been reading a few libertarian-slanted blogs. I’m by no means a libertarian and disagree with much that is written. However, there are several libertarian issues that interest me, such as:

* an end to corporate welfare
* a sunset clause for all government legislation
* a simplified taxation system
* a realistic view of the threat of international terrorism
* an unrestricted internet
* true free trade

Although I live a long way away, I still try to stay in touch with Australian current affairs. From my observations, Australian politics is staid with few new ideas promoted. The Liberal Democratic Party could make politics more interesting with their different views. To be noticed they will have to promote their party well.

My first and foremost wish for the next Australian Federal election is to see the back of the current dishonest and disgraceful government. Other than that, I’d like the Independent candidates, Democrats, Greens, LDP and other minor parties to each gain significant votes in order to shake up Australian politics. I doubt this will happen but I can only hope.


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