Locked outside wearing only my boxers

Magda and Ali stayed over on Friday night. We woke up early Saturday morning as Ali had to return to Adana for work. Just after 7am they exited my door to catch the lift 6 levels down. At first they had a problem with the lift so I left my doorway and showed them the sensors that stop the lift when crossed (as a safety measure). Bad move! A few seconds later, ‘clang’, my apartment door closes and I don’t have the keys!

I am locked outside my apartment early on a Saturday morning wearing only my boxers!!!!

Luckily, with previous experience of being locked out, I went upstairs onto the rooftop to look for a lever of some sort to unlock the door. Bingo! I hope no people in the neighbouring buildings were offended by the sight of me 🙂 I found a length of thin metal rod. Downstairs I bent the rod and poked it through the metal door slats. After a few manipulations the catch opened and I returned to the sanctity of my flat.

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