Malaysia: Friends

Before this trip I only knew one friend currently living in Malaysia: Flic. However, mainly with the help of expat Malaysian Fiona, I met several new friends.

Eating dim sum with Kim. Kim looked after me brilliantly on my first day in Malaysia including a trip to the Batu Caves.

With Flic (3rd from left), Aaron (2nd from left), Flic’s Canadian flatmate and her Malaysian colleagues at the Ramadhan markets in KL. Flic kindly hosted me in KL.

I enjoyed a truly memorable evening with Pek Yen and Yinli at Chinese Hawker centre in KL.

Carina and Li Ching generously took time off from work to meet me in Malacca (Melaka) and show me all around that historic city including the best food places 🙂

Drinking cocktails with Aaron, Flic and Sharmini (who I had met before in Adelaide) at Pacific Regency’s 34th floor Luna Bar.

Thank you all for helping make a fantastic trip!


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