Many Spams Received Today

Since 10 am this morning I have received almost 30 similarly formatted spam emails. The spams all contain attachments and are either 78 or 79 KB in size.

As I have a collect-all email account, messages sent to any email address end up in my inbox. These spams are addressed to many different, seemingly random, addresses. Another common link are they all have the following at the bottom of the email:

*-*-* Mail_Scanner: No Virus

*-*-* TAHENY- Anti_Virus Service


I have my own anti-virus service? This is news to me.

If ever you receive similar messages or even any emails with attachments that you are not expecting do not open them. Even if you know the sender, their address may have been hijacked and the attachment could contain a virus or other damaging software.

Here is a screenshot of my email account ‘Trash’ folder featuring the similar spams:

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