Martin Martini And The Bone Palace Orchestra – Live At The Wheatsheaf Hotel



Thursday and Friday nights last week (24 and 25 July) I saw an excellent band I had not heard of previously: Melbourne-based Martin Martini And The Bone Palace Orchestra at the Wheatsheaf Hotel. The Adelaide gigs were the first 2 concerts of the Australian “We’re All Just Monkeys” album launch tour.


We’re All Just Monkeys is Martin Martin and the Bone Palace Orchestra’s second studio album after their 2006 release Dream until You Die. They a also released a live album Live at the Famous Rainbow Hotel.


Singer/keyboardist Martini Martini, with his enormous stage presence, was well backed by the Bone Palace Orchestra consisting of Sam Dunscombe (clarinet), James Macaulay (trombone), Jules Pascoe (bass), Natasha Rose (guitar) and Arron Light (drums). At various stages, Martini gave each of the band members a chance to shine with Dunscombe performing a huge solo at the Friday gig.




Satan’s Cheerleaders and the John Baker Trio were the support acts Thursday night with brillig acoustic and The Joans on Friday.


I recommend everybody see Martin Martini and The Bone Palace Orchestra live for great music, original and topical lyrics and a unique performance. Visit their MySpace page and see videos of them performing on YouTube for a small taste of what to expect.

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