Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Luna Park, St Kilda at night

I spent a week in Melbourne and had a fabulous time with relatives and friends. I either stayed in or visited Northcote, Fitzroy, Camberwell, Broadmeadows, Albert Park, Port Melbourne, Melbourne Park, St Kilda, Prahran and the City.

The tram is one of Melbourne’s icons

The beauty with Melbourne is that so many of its attraction are both close to the city centre and easily accessible by its great public transport system.

One of several street performers witnessed. This one tried to flip fish with one foot up into the bowl on his head whilst balancing on a unicycle.

Another aspect of Melbourne I loved was its ethnic diversity. I thought Adelaide was multicultural (and it is compared with most of the world) until I visited Melbourne.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) behind the Yarra River

Snooker playing, tenpin bowling, poker machining, art gallery visiting, eating out, pubbing, cappuccino drinking, sightseeing, Luna Parking and tennis viewing were just some of the activities I did.

Peter, Michael and I went up to the 88th level of the Eureka Tower, the tallest apartment block in the world

I must wholeheartedly thank Libby, Alexei, Harriet and Rob; Peter, Jansin and Michael; Euge and Mitch; Ardent and her family; and Kate and Alex for their hospitality. The evening with Ardent and family was particularly rewarding seeing as we had not met previously!

The view back into Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) from Port Melbourne


One thought on “Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  1. how is perth going joe? i have been wondering if you have managed to get to the ocean beach hotel in cottesloe. its where i used to work. also hunka munkas in claremont and nedlands.
    also just to tell yu i have had a complete work coup, i am doing the planting at george columbaris’ new resturant in melbourne. google him and you get my meaning. its a good thing for me.
    alex has sat his yr 12 and graduated and i through the pre formal party for kids and their parents and the formal and the driving to the beach house for schoolies and his 18th birthday, the whole time trying to be a prefessional horti gal.whoah.
    how is your new job in perth? and do you like it there?

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