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A few stories from my old city in Turkey:

Turkey is looking to build its first nuclear reactor in Akkuyu, Mersin Province. The idea of a nuclear power plant at Akkuyu is not new but seems more likely to happen this time.

Desert Girl, an American woman living in Kuwait has a quite humorous but unflattering report of her visit to Mersin for GISKAD’s1st International Business Women Congress“. A quote:

We were herded like cattle into the little ballroom of the Hilton in Mersin, and then practically trampled by the onslaught of male Turkish media covering the event who bumped the participants out of the way; I’m sure you know the type – pony tails and khaki men.

Older news:

Mersin was a candidate city for the 2013 Mediterranean Games. She ended up losing to the Greek city of Volos. Compare their two videos: Mersin and Volos.

Forum Mersin, Mersin’s largest shopping centre opened. I would be surprised if all of Mersin’s shopping centres survive in the short to medium term with Forum Mersin joining Carrefour, Marina Vista and other modern shopping centres crowding Mersin’s small market.

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