Mixed Drinks Night

Last night Orhan came around to say g’day and watch the soccer on TV. He arrived whilst I was making my current favourite smoothie:

1 kiwi fruit
1 orange
2 or 3 Anamur bananas (the equivalent of 1 normal-sized banana)
1 heaped teaspoon honey
A few pinches of dried mint (fresh is better)
Water to liquidise

1) Wash fruit and cut into small pieces. Add to blender.
2) Add honey, mint and water.
2) Blend until smooth.

I love this drink!

Kiwi fruit are relatively new and uncommon on the Turkish market. Recently, I have seen them at the weekly Wednesday bazaar for 2 YTL (2 million old lira) a kilogram.

Later, time came to open the Absolute Kurant vodka I bought from duty free at the Turkish-Syrian border. Soda water and ice smoothed the vodka.

The final drink of the night was a modified White Russian:

Vodka (normal Finlandia this time)
Soda water
Sweetened Condensed Milk thinned with a dash of hot water

Place all ingredients in glass and stir.

This drink was delicious, although highly intoxicating if drunk in significant quantities. Sweetened condensed milk is hard to find in Turkey and the stuff I used came from Syria. Complementing the drinks were “Tutku” chocolate-filled biscuits.

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