My city could have been famous

Mersin and Al Qaeda

Bin Laden, during his meeting with Aktas and Kus, first suggested an attack against Incirlik Air Base, a sprawling facility used by U.S. troops or U.S. or Israeli ships using the Mediterranean port of Mersin, according to the police description of Yitiz’ interrogation.

But security at the air base and the Mersin harbor made the attack too difficult. Coast guard cutters protect the harbor and Turkish forces patrol the base’s perimeters. A high wall also was erected around the base before the Iraq war.”

If the security around Mersin’s port or Incirlik Airbase (70 km away) was not strong enough, Osama Bin Laden’s Turkish followers would have bombed these places instead of the synagogues, bank and British Consulate-General in Istanbul. Apparently, according to the article, Osama did not authorise the strikes in Istanbul and was angry that Turks/Muslims died. As if Osama cares about people dying.

Life in Mersin would have been far more interesting if an Israeli or American ship or two was blown up.

I think I prefer the currently unexciting Mersin than the alternative. Sometimes boring is better…

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