My New Home In Subiaco, Perth

On Friday I finally completed the move from West Leederville to its neighbouring and more popular suburb of Subiaco. Subiaco is one of Perth’s main retail, entertainment and cultural precincts. It is also the home of Perth’s main footy stadium, Subiaco Oval, the light towers of which are visible from my new home’s fantastic patio.


Cleaning and leaving a 3 bedroom, 2 storey furnish home with front and back yards is not the easiest of things and I’m glad that it is over.


I am now house sharing with Oz, who, coincidentally, is of Turkish origin and manages a cafe only a few doors away from work.


The house was built in the days pre-electricity, with polished timber floorboards, high ceilings and fireplaces in each of the main rooms, including my bedroom. It is in the absolutely best location – a quiet street only 5 minutes walk from both the Perth central free transit zone and Kings Park. The semi-enclosed patio and small backyard are so quiet it is hard to believe they are located in the inner city. When I win the lotto I know which street I will buy in…


To furnish the bedroom I bought a wrought iron queen size bed and a solid timber desk. My wardrobe had to be dismantled before it could be removed from my previous room and taken down the stairs. As the wardrobe is not yet reassembled, my room is still a mess, although not as messy as in the following photo, taken shortly after my arrival:



2 thoughts on “My New Home In Subiaco, Perth

  1. Joe, I am glad you are getting closer to entertainment area. Now you only need a puppy to go to the park with and pick up girls 🙂

    I received DVD with ur pcts from India, lovely and precious memories. I have burned my pics right before NYE, but I just bought an envelope today. So please confirm your new address so I can post it to right address. Apologies for the delay!


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