My Uncle, The Hero

From Edithburgh, Southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia; the place I spent several Christmases with family:

Shortly after, another local, Damien Taheny, entered the water with his surfboard and went to the aid of the three teenagers struggling against the current. They all used the surfboard to get to the jetty and then Damien made his way back out to Mr Cowdrey, who was floating on the surface and did not appear to be moving.

Mr Cowdrey was brought onto the surfboard where Damien rendered mouth to mouth resuscitation and CPR despite the difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately, the father passed away but the son was saved. Thank you Dud (Damien), Karly and Matt (the other rescuers).

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Drowning is a far larger danger in Australia than sharks, spiders and snakes combined.


The Brave

At an informal meeting in Yorketown yesterday, the State branch of the Royal Life Saving Society, represented by its Executive Officer, Aileen Milazzo, acknowledged the bravery of Yorketown teenager Karly Harris, and Edithburgh resident, Damien Taheny (pictured at right), for their actions during an incident at the Edithburgh jetty two weeks ago.

Read the rest of the Yorke Peninsula Country Times story.

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