Ninja, the Green Lantern, the Ghost of bin Laden and other Characters

For his birthday last month Glen held a wonderful fancy dress party. Everybody made an effort and there were some very good costumes on display. The best and most original costume was undoubtedly Tosh in his rubbish bin.

Glen, the birthday boy dressed as the Green Lantern whilst Pedro came like a ninja from Adelaide for the weekend. I was the ghost of Osama bin Laden:

IMG_0198 (Custom)

To get to the party I caught 2 buses across Perth dressed up like this 🙂

IMG_0196 (Custom)

IMG_0195 (Custom)

IMG_0247 (Custom) 

IMG_0204 (Custom) IMG_0208 (Custom) IMG_0210 (Custom) IMG_0211 (Custom) IMG_0212 (Custom) IMG_0213 (Custom) IMG_0216 (Custom) IMG_0218 (Custom) IMG_0220 (Custom) IMG_0225 (Custom) IMG_0229 (Custom) IMG_0234 (Custom) IMG_0240 (Custom) IMG_0241 (Custom)

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