Off To Istanbul For Umut and Beysun’s Wedding

Tonight I’m jumping on the bus to Istanbul for my former flatmate and good friend, Umut’s wedding to his long-time sweetheart, Beysun. Umut and I shared a flat in Mezitli, a coastal outer suburb of Mersin for nine months in 2001-2002.

Umut comes from Fenerbahce territory in Asian Istanbul but studied at Mersin University where he was top of the class (and faculty?) for his year. Studying 20 hours a day does get places.

Umut and Beysun met at tourism and hospitality high school in Alanya, southern Turkey. They remained together, even when they were physically apart, studying at university in different cities.

Umut is a kind and hard working person. I wish Umut and Beysun a great wedding and wonderful marriage.

This quote in a recent email from Mum, sums Umut up well:

Have a good weekend and wish Umut all the best for us. He is a great fellow and we will always remember his generosity to us when we were in Istanbul.

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