Only In Turkey…

Where can you find large pictures of skimpy ladies next to a mosque entrance?

Camlibel (my suburb), Mersin, Turkey.

The “Park Camii” sign points to the entrance of the “Park Mosque” where the man is standing. The skimpy ladies are actually advertising shoes from the Turkish “Shoe & Me” shoe store.

3 thoughts on “Only In Turkey…

  1. I can only say one thing about this comparison:NONSENSE.that photo has not any relation with is in the minds not in the appearences, and a photo can not make one unfaithful.let it end this nonsense and please delete this photo in order to respect faithful men.

  2. Of course, anonymous, the pictures are not deliberately related to the mosque. That is not the point.

    I think it is a very positive aspect of Turkey that such pictures are allowed close to a place of religious worship.

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