Other Istanbul Happenings

Fatih was generous enough to let me stay in his apartment in Bagilar, near the airport in European Istanbul. Fatih was a classmate of Umut’s in Mersin University. He was fun to stay with and I saw a part of Istanbul I had never been to before. Here is Fatih, Umut and Beysun in Ortakoy:

In Istanbul I also met Kerem and Fati.

Kerem is a friend from Mersin, who did his military service in Afghanistan and is now working for a zip manufacturer in European Istanbul.

Fati, an Istanbul native, and I first came into contact when she worked for the University of Santa Barbara Extension, one of many foreign education institutions my company deals with. Last week we finally met face to face over mocha in the suburb of Moda, Asian Istanbul.

Fati is now the corporate communications head for BSH Turkey, whose main brands include Bosch, Siemens and Profilo. Her American boyfriend has spent the last year developing Moda Jewels, an online shop selling Turkish jewellery.

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