Oven, Oven, Oven

I bought the Kumtel KF 3000 electric oven from Sok Market (part of Migros) on the way home from work this evening. At 33.90 YTL it was a bargain for a 32 litre oven.

The KF 3000 is the bottom of its range. It does not have a thermostat or timer, but that does not stop the front of the oven displaying times and temperatures to cook fish, chicken and other foods.

My current kitchen is small and the most convenient place to put the oven is on top of the fridge. Needless to write, the oven view at this position is not too good.

As a high school/university student my favourite self-prepared meal was the grilled cheese/tomato/avocado/ham/etcetera toast. Tonight, in celebration of the oven purchase, I went back to my old way. On top of Ramazan pide I added various combinations of stuffed green olives, capsicum, tomato, mushroom. oregano, dried basil, Swiss salami, whole grain mustard and tulum cheese (the Turkish equivalent to Mozarella). Although it wasn’t perfect, I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to cook with the oven again.

On a side note: Turkish homes often do not contain ovens. In my first Turkish home, the oven was used to store potatoes and onions and nothing else.

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