Pakistan Feast of Sacrifice

The last few days of my trip to Pakistan coincided with the first half of Eid ul-Azha (also known as the Feast of Sacrifice in English, Eid ul-Adha in Pakistan or Kurban Bayrami in Turkish).

Previously I have spent this feast in Sivasli/Antalya, Aleppo and Pamukkale/Selcuk/Izmir. In 2003 I just missed out on spending the feast in Egypt.

Just like in Turkey, the most obvious signs of the of the holiday were livestock (mainly goats, sheep and cattle) in unusual places. I even saw two goats in the centre of Lahore dressed in jackets with their legs sticking through the sleaves!

Livestock feed markets for animals prior to their sacrifice, on the side of a Karachi road

A soon-to-be sacrificed Brahman cow in Lahore’s old city

Goats in Lahore

A large livestock market on the outskirts of Lahore. Because of this market and the cars surrounding it my already late bus to Islamabad was delayed further.

I arrived back to Karachi too late to witness Hani’s family sacrifice a cow and a sheep, but, of course, there was still plenty of food left over from the barbecue.


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