Pakistan Food

As I wrote previously, Pakistani food is dominated by meat and not as spicy as I anticipated. Here are some some food photos from my trip:

Clockwise from the top-left: lentils, sandwich, a fried sweet, a curry and a plate containing lemon wedges, fried onion and fresh coriander.

Chicken curry

The salad bar at the first wedding reception

The first wedding reception’s main dishes: bread, fish, biryani, chicken, lamb and beef(?)

A type a pakistani pancake in the foreground and the wedding cake in the background

“Thick, Fatty & Naughty Special”. A funny menu heading at the Cafe Zouk’s Karachi restaurant

The BBQ Tonight restaurant’s barbecues, Karachi

Different breads and kebabs at BBQ Tonight. Although the kebabs look very similar to Turkish kebabs, the taste varies.

A full Karachi meal with 3 or 4 different meat dishes

Biryani, lamb and bread at the second wedding reception

Sweets, including trifle, at the second wedding reception. I don’t ever recall eating trifle in Turkey and seeing it here was a pleasant surprise.

A fruit and vegetable stall at the main Karachi Bazaar

Sweets, lentils and vegetable pasta on the Airblue flight from Karachi to Lahore

Chestnuts bought from the Lahore street. The chestnuts are eaten cold with salt sprinkled on them. This was the first time I’d eaten this species. On the Lahore street I drank fresh sugarcane juice, also infused with salt.

A Lahore sweet shop in the old city

Pawpaw, custard apple and chico, three fruits not found in Turkey. The custard apple in particular tasted delicious.

Efes non-alcoholic beer. I found this in a Karachi supermarket and have also seen it in Iran, but not in Turkey where it is produced.


2 thoughts on “Pakistan Food

  1. Pictures looks great and very interesting, I was in in India in MADRAS couple years ago, can see the similarities like; the food, streets, people, buses..:)) even same buses you can find them here but RTA limited the decorations..

    You can find Efes non-alholic Beer in most of Middle East countries and they Made in Turkey..Bigest Efes beer consumers out of Turkey is Russia and they do have big factory there. Who is going to drink non-alholic beer in Turkey anyway? ::))) You drink the beer or not? Drink something else.. I don’t get it..

    Pawpaw,chico,custord apple; you can’t find them in Turkey because it doesn’t grow and people won’t eat.. for few people, don’t think will import to Turkey.

    Good to see you are back:)) i have seen your mail way after you were already flew to Pakistan, I had my inlaws here, sorry.

  2. Thanks Derya. I have many more photos to go.

    Perhaps the Prime Minister, recovering alcoholics or teetotalers would drink non-alcoholic beer in Turkey. You can buy it in Australia and we drink more than Turks 🙂

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