Pakistan – Hani, His Friends And Family

Hani, along with his friends and family looked after me wonderfully when I was in Karachi.

On the roof of Tabish’s place, Karachi

With Hani

Hani’s brother Hadi

The TV room in Hani’s and Mahwish’s new place, upstair’s from Hani’s family

Siblings Huda, Hani and Hadi

At Cafe Zouk, Karachi

On Christmas day with Hani and Hadi

Hani’s cousin Michel and Hani’s family’s driver, one of their several helpers

With Hani and Mahwish


4 thoughts on “Pakistan – Hani, His Friends And Family

  1. in all of those photo’s only one of your pakistani friends smiled with their teeth showing! guess they havent heard of braces…

  2. That seems to me like a cultural caracteristic rather then a complexe.

    Just like the ‘American smile’ might seem silly in Europe, Middle East, Turkistan and China.

  3. Hey Joe,
    I just thought I should check in on you – I havent visited your website for AAAAAAAAAAAAGES!

    But hold on a second? What is this? was Hani’s wedding postponed till March??? & did you do your stop over in Dubai? Why didnt you let me know?

    N – The Rebel

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