Pakistan Trip – Air, Plane and Airport Photos

My trip involved 8 flights on 3 different airlines: Atlasjet (Adana-Istanbul, Istanbul-Adana); Emirates (Istanbul-Dubai, Dubai-Karachi, Karachi-Dubai, Dubai-Istanbul); and Airblue (Karachi-Lahore, Islamabad-Karachi).

Here are some flight-related photos:


Sabanci Mosque (bottom), Adana Hilton (top) and the Roman Bridge (top right), Adana.

The Taurus Mountains (“Toros Daglari”) north of Mersin. Notice the snow on some of the peaks.

At Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, were many Turkish people waiting to leave for the Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

Father Christmas at Dubai Airport


One of Karachi’s airport terminals

Karachi suburbs from the plane. Karachi is a huge city and the suburbs were visible for a long time in the plane.

One of Karachi’s ports?

This cloud and cloud-shadow formation looked amazing from the air

Emirates above the cloud

A lonely Arabian Peninsula road surrounded by desert

Dubai’s suburbs on the approach to the airport

The above two photos do not fully capture the dreaminess of the sky over the Gulf

A jet in the distance piercing the sunset with its trail. Note the snow blanketing the ground.

The sun setting beneath the plane’s wing engine

A volcano mountain (Mt. Nemrut, Tatvan?) disguised by snow. Eastern Turkey was absolutely covered in snow.

Turkish Airlines aeroplanes lined up at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul


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