Pearl Jam, Bologna, 14 September 2006

Pearl Jam’s Bologna concert was extremely hot. By the end every single piece of my clothing was saturated.

The setlist:

Setlist: Small Town, Do The Evolution, Animal, Severed Hand, Given To Fly, World Wide Suicide, Save You, Even Flow, I Am Mine, Marker In The Sand, Green Disease, Daughter/(It’s Ok by Dead Moon), Alone, Whipping, Present Tense, Comatose, Porch

1st encore: Black, Better Man, Life Wasted, Alive
2nd encore: Bu$hleaguer, Why Go, Baba O’Riley (by the Who), Indifference

Highlights included Bu$hleaguer, Present Tense, Baba O’Riley and Indifference.

Here are some photos:

The instructions for the bus to and from the concert area

The support band My Morning Jacket

Some local fans handed out photocopies of the Italian version of It’s Ok by Dead Moon, a tag often added to Daughter. Eddie only sang the chorus in Italian.

Eddie pointing to someone in the first few rows of the crowd

Matt during his Even Flow drum solo

Stone on guitar and Boom on keyboards

3 guitarists: Mike (lead), Stone (rhythm) and Jeff (bass)

Sweating near the end of the concert

Eddie with the George W Bush mask during Bu$hleaguer

The bastard with the tambourine and the person next to him (out of shot) pushed their way through to the front row. They didn’t have fan club wristbands (so they weren’t let in early) yet they still got to the front. And he got a tambourine! When the guy next to him was pushing through I told him to f*** off. He promised me he wasn’t pushing-yeah right!

The band members line up to bow at the end of the concert

The Bologna concert ticket

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