Perth, Western Australia, My New Home




I arrived to Perth yesterday afternoon. The 3+ hour QANTAS flight from Adelaide went well except for the bumpy landing and 20 minute wait for an empty bay at Perth Airport. Sat behind me on the plane were Adelaide Crow life member Nathan Bassett, his partner and baby.




The most luggage I’ve ever travelled with. QANTAS were very good to only charge AUD$22 in extra baggage fees. In comparison, the $4 cart fee at Perth’s Domestic Airport Terminal was an horrendous rip-off.


I’ve already found a house to share. From the 25th I will live in East Victoria Park, close to Curtin University.


This morning I ran through glorious Kings Park and along the Swan River shore into the city. Kings Park’s highlights included Kangaroo Paw, Banksia and Xanthorrhoea plants and flowers along with Australian Ringneck Parrots and Red Wattlebirds.

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