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Above is a photograph of a hardcopy montage consisting of photos I have taken* between 1999 and 2007. The pictures are not necessarily my best or most spectacular. Instead, they are images that evoke certain memories, feelings or emotions in me.


The photos are from the following countries:

Australia: 1

Egypt: 1

Iran: 2

Italy: 1

Lebanon: 1

Malaysia: 1

Northern Cyprus: 1

Pakistan: 2

Poland: 1

Switzerland: 1

Syria: 1

Turkey: 5

United Kingdom: 1



Which photos are from which countries?



UPDATE: I have included the photo subjects, locations, dates and my reasons for choosing them in comments.



*Except for 2 shot by Karin (I included her versions because hers were taken with a digital camera whereas mine were film and less accessible)

4 thoughts on “Photo Montage – Images From Around The World

  1. Here goes:

    Australia: 1 The sign Post
    Egypt: 1 Pyramids
    Iran: 2 ?
    Italy: 1 ?
    Lebanon: 1 ?
    Malaysia: 1 Golden Monument
    Northern Cyprus: 1 The Mosque (barbed wire in the foreground gave it away?)
    Pakistan: 2 Men with Red Turbans, Hands holding camera
    Poland: 1 ?
    Switzerland: 1 Lake and Bridge (I have been there)
    Syria: 1 ?
    Turkey: 5 Swirling Dervishes, lady with herd of sheep, Taking photos is Prohibited sign,
    United Kingdom: 1 ?

    There were some shots with Arabic writing, but I did not know whether to catagorize them as Iran, Lebanon or Syria.

    They were all lovely photos.

  2. Ardent, you did well, getting 8 correct!

    Fiona, just for you 🙂

    The photo subjects, locations and my reasons for selecting them, in order from left to right, top to bottom, are:

    – My hand picking the top off the pyramids of Giza, Egypt, February 2003.
    Why: profound ancient construction; looking at things differently provides alternative perspectives (my hand is larger than the pyramids)

    – Gypsies performing outside the Shrine of Data Sahib, Lahore, Pakistan, December 2006
    Why: the power of music; all people, even those of the lowest caste can work hard to become admired and respected; human diversity

    – Batu Caves, Malaysia, October 2007
    Why: the power of belief; natural and human wonders combining

    – The sun setting through the Colosseum, Rome, February 2000
    Why: a wonderful end to a fantastic day in an amazing city (thanks Jen)

    – The second class Shiraz-Yazd bus, Iran, September 2004 (photo credit: Karin)
    Why: human kindness – a veiled passenger on this bus, with no knowledge of English, gave Karin and I gifts; the beauty (buty) of language

    – Hani’s wedding reception, Karachi, Pakistan, December 2006
    Why: memories of a special event; the contrast of tradition (henna tattoos) interacting with technology (the camera phone)

    – Destination sign, Ceduna, Australia, February 2006
    Why: where it all began; the town I was born in (Ceduna) pointing to the cities in which I attended high school (Port Lincoln) and university (Adelaide); Australia’s vast distances

    – Spice mixture, Shiraz Bazaar, Iran, August 2004 (photo credit: Karin)
    Why: I used this fabulous spice mix in everything from stir-fries to curries for years in Mersin until I ran out; the fun of ancient markets

    – Bern, Switzerland, September 2006
    Why: refined Central European beauty

    – Mt Ararat, far eastern Turkey, December 2002
    Why: an amazing sight; for a few minutes on this winter’s afternoon the clouds parted and allowing Turkey’s tallest mountain to display itself (no, I didn’t see Noah’s Ark :))

    – Beirut, Lebanon, July 2007
    Why: the divisiveness of religion: the city centre was cordoned off by military (note the razor wire in the photo’s foreground) due to the sectarian divisions that haunt Lebanon

    – The green zone looking towards Nicosia, taken from Lefkosa, North Cyprus, July 2002
    Why: the photo’s irony; the pointlessness of ethnic conflict and nationalism

    – A farmer in the Taurus Mountains north of Mersin, Turkey, March 2007
    Why: human diversity; joy

    – Dogs sleeping outside a cave room in Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey, September 2005
    Why: memories of a great time in Cappadocia (thanks Cath); the unique nature of Cappadocia

    – A peacock in front of Cardiff castle, November 1999
    Why: the beauty

    – Luna Park at night, Mersin, Turkey, August 2006
    Why: Mersin, my former home of almost 6 years; I love reflections

    – A Whirling Dervish performance, Istanbul, August 2007
    Why: the things people can do if they put their minds to it; the benefits of meditation

    – Camel, tricycle and Dad, Palmyra, Syria, November 2005
    Why: Palmyra is a fabulous oasis; ancient and semi ancient forms of transport; the importance of family

    – Birkenau Concentration Camp, Poland, January 2000
    Why: a reminder of the horror; the importance of good leadership; the relative unimportance of one’s problems (the day I visited this camp I left my gloves at the bus stop in Krakow-seeing where many thousands of people were tortured and slaughtered there is no way in hell I was going to complain about not having gloves on a cold winter’s day)

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