Photos from pre-invasion Iraq and more

Today I received a non-spam email sent to my previous Yahoo! account. It was from Mattias, a Swede I met in Dogubeyazit, far Eastern Turkey in December 2002 and coincidentally, again in Damascus 1 month later.

In Dogubeyazit, Mattias was coming from Iran on his way through Syria to meet up with a group in Jordan for a tour of Iraq. Prior to Dogubeyazit he travelled through Russia to China and back west through the Central Asian Republics. By the time I met him he was sick of travel and required something special to excite him. The Iraq tour, only 4 months before the US/UK (plus token allies) invasion, was that something special. When I bumped into him again, after the tour, in Damascus, his friend showed me photos of Iraq.

Pre-invasion photos of Iraq and many, many other countries are displayed on his fantastic photography website: I hope you enjoy them!

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