Photos to complement the words

Late spring flowers around the ancient columns of Soli/Viransehir.

Adana = Kebab and Kebab = Adana: AIESEC summer tour in Adana

Narrow houses along the Bosphorous north of Istanbul

Where the Bosphorous meets the Black Sea

Olivia, Brad and Beer!

The above 3 images are from this trip.

Oral and Yeliz at their wedding celebration. Notice the flower arrangements in the background and the money and gold pinned on the newly-married couple.

Iklim (Oral’s brother), Sebiha, myself, Brad, Olivia, Buket and Serkan at the wedding.

Olivia with Hanifi amca using the hair-dryer to encourage the coals to burn and cook the kebabs.

Hanifi amca, Brad and Olivia with the cooked kebabs.

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