Reflections on last night

How good was that tuna, tomato, roasted capsicum, mushroom, onion, lettuce and tomato paste roll? Sensational!

The thick fresh cream with jam and honey on bread that followed was almost as good.

I also picked up my latest photos last night. This roll of 36-exposure film took 2-3 months to finish like most of my rolls seem to so there is a good range of photos. At Muhammed Ali photography shop, the attendant mentioned about drinking as if I drink a lot. Looking through the photos, most of them are of social situations when alcohol either was or could have been involved. All drinking was in moderation of course (true – my previous hangover was new years day).

Oh, the Olympic opening ceremony was meant to be on last night. I didn’t have the TV on so I wouldn’t know. The most interesting Olympic news of yesterday in my opinion is the Iranian refusing to participate against the Israeli in the judo.

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