Road Melting and Whale ‘Vomit’

Two interesting news stories from Western Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, the area I come from.

Heatwave triggers blackouts, blazes

THE bitumen started to melt in Ceduna as South Australia sweltered through a third consecutive day above 40C.

The Far West Coast town was the hottest in South Australia with a peak of 46.5C at 4.30pm yesterday that had even the locals gasping.

“It sure feels like the hottest place in the state,” said Andrew Brooks, who works at Ceduna’s visitor centre

“We get a lot of hot weather here but today the bitumen is starting to melt because it’s really extreme. It’s taken a few people by surprise and even the locals are doing it tough.”

Whale spew find may net $1m for family

A family on South Australia’s west coast has discovered a rare specimen of whale vomit on the beach that is tipped to be worth over $1 million.

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