Saying Bye And Hello

Two weeks ago (6th) Uta and Victor came to Mersin from Adana for a short stay. Uta was a former trainee visiting from Germany. We went to the “Mavi Sanat” restaurant for a great evening. Also at Mavi Sanat was Dogan abi, one of my boss’s business associates. He mischievously paid our bill. That night, two Ukrainian backpackers, Olha and Ihor, rocked up into town on the late train from Adana. They were on their way from Ukraine to Ukraine via Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. Five of us slept in my tiny apartment this night.

The next day Richard from a UK language school came to Mersin for a few days to discuss business. On the Friday (8th) I became sick, rundown with a cold.

Last Wednesday (13th) it was Hari’s farewell in Adana. He is going back to India. Conveniently, at 1 am that night, Auntie Annie, Uncle David and cousin Graeme were arriving from Germany. For 3 days I introduced them to Turkey, visiting Silifke and Tarsus during this time. They brought some lovely German bacon, which I enjoyed immensely 🙂

In the intervening time I visited 5 or 6 schools with Sevil for work. Speaking to the classes has been a joy. Some (most at some schools) of the students have never heard a native English speaker in their classes. Several students asked if I was married, and other funny questions.

This afternoon I’m jumping on the Koksallar bus to Ankara from where I’ll catch the early morning flight to London, via Munich, for a few days rest and recreation. I can’t wait!

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  1. Well, you’re not exactly a “native” speaker. I mean, as we all know, English gets its name from the country where it originated…the United States of America. But yeah, you’re pretty good otherwise 😉

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