Some More Path Light River Reflection Photos

Looking upstream from the bridge at the river outlet.

The river bank.

The large light in both photos is from the corner of the residential military base.

2 thoughts on “Some More Path Light River Reflection Photos

  1. Greetings from bay area San Francisco CA. Is this”muftu deresi”? Looks great with lights! Good shots!
    I was born and raised in Mersin. I love my hometown so I appreciate your website so much especially the pictures. Funny but I could see my parents’ apartment house in one of your pics. Keep up the good work and please visit “cigerci Apo” at Pozcu branch for me.

  2. Hi Pinar,

    Thank you for your compliments. I hope to put many more photos on the blog.
    Yes, it is “Muftu Deresi”. I live and work in this area.

    I haven’t actually eaten at “Cigerci Apo” before. When I do, I’ll eat an extra portion for you and all the other people unable to eat real Turkish food!

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