As Bill Lawry says: “It’s all happening“. Work, social life and preparing to move house has got in the way of blog posting and writing emails.

Last Sunday (5th) Dragos and I caught the train 30 km to Tarsus, the birthplace of St. Paul of biblical times. There, we met Aiko the Japanese trainee arriving from Adana. Our guide for the day was Sebi, a Tarsus local and a workmate of mine.

Aiko, Sebi, Dragos and myself at Tarsus’s waterfall

One of the local madmen diving into the water

Tarsus Fashion. Those baggy pants are known as “salvar” in Turkish and are commonly worn by villagers.

Can anyone explain what is special in the above photo and why it is like that? (If you already know, please hold off from answering).

The day was great – the sights, the food, the company, all except for one thing: the Tarsus Zoo. I will write about this in the next post.

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