Surprisingly, this morning I did require my alarm to wake me up at
11:30. A quick goodbye to Mete and his sister and I was off to catch
the bus from Turgut Ozal Boulevard into the city.

Lady, Dafne and I were due to meet at the train station at 12 noon. I arrived late but they arrived later, only to see the 12:20 train leave without us.
Our next option was to catch a bus to Tarsus.
Luckily, when I askedakebapci for directions to the otogar (bus station) a kebab delivery car was just leaving for the direction of the otogar and we received a free ride there!

Sebi met us Tarsus’ Cleopatra’s Gate and, as the 3 of us from Adana had not eaten breakfast, we made our way to the great value, well-located and terrifically-set restaurant overlooking the ancient Roman road for a kebab lunch. Whilst at lunch, Sebi’s English teacher, Mehmet, joined us.

Mehmet, Sebiha, myself, Lady and Dafne at the restaurant with the ancient Roman road ruins in the background

Following the meal we walked around the town, visiting St. Paul’s Well and St. Paul’s Church.

Many Turkish flags around a globe.

Does the Tarsus Council have any plans to take over the world?

Another Turkish flag, this one visible through an entry gate to St. Paul’s Church

A St. Paul’s Church ceiling detail

As Dafne had to return to Gaziantep via Adana that evening, she and Lady left early, not leaving enough time to have a proper look at the town. Next time…


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