The 891 ABC Radio Interview

After work Thursday I caught the bus to the suburb of Pozcu. There I ate dinner with Efkan, Devrim and Aslı. Devrim and Aslı are Turkish sisters who grew up with their family in West Berlin. The family moved back to Turkey over 10 years ago. Dinner was spaghetti, salad and fried chicken with pudding for desert. Accompanying this feast was home-baked German-style bread. This bread was far heavier than Turkish bread and the first thing I thought when I tasted it was how good ‘kaymak’ (fresh cream) would taste with it. The next day I bought some cream…mmmm…lovely.

From Pozcu I walked home along the coast. At home I prepared some notes for my approaching interview and snoozed for a short while in the lounge room before readying myself in the bedroom. I was excited but not nervous. Several years ago I would have been extremely nervous for such an occasion.

As expected, at 11:20 pm (5:50 am Adelaide time) Mick the producer called me on my mobile phone. The line was very poor so I moved back to the lounge room and Mick called me again – better this time. I spoke to a lady and was put onto the Bald Brothers. I can’t remember which Brother I spoke to.

The news of the morning was Alexander Downer, Australia’s Foreign Minister, recommending Australians to avoid visiting Gallipoli on ANZAC Day. This was the main subject of the interview. After the interview, I pondered saying ‘I would rather believe Mr. Downer’s credibility with fishnet stockings than foreign policy’. Alexander is infamous for the photo of him in fishnet stockings (read the story here). Other subjects mentioned included Turkey’s hyper-inflationary past and my job.

I won’t go into much detail as everybody can listen to the interview themselves at I have not listened to it myself but I plan to soon. I would have liked to speak for much longer as the interview time went so fast. I wanted to speak on more topics and plug AIESEC, Australians Abroad, this website and other stuff but didn’t have time. At the end I managed to say hello to Eilish and Breandan, my niece and nephew.

Following the interview I listened to the classic ABC news introduction tune over the phone before saying bye to Mick. After hanging up I found it very difficult to go to sleep as my body was experiencing a mild high.

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