The Cold of the Mediterranean

The past week in Mersin was, and still is, very cold. On Thursday the maximum temperature was 7, yes, seven, that’s right, seacht, you heard it, saith, again, siete, once more, seofon, if you don’t understand, zeven, okay, sieben, another language?, sept, do I have to repeat?, sette, septum, shtatë, sedem, hepta, sju, syv, siedem, sem, sat, haft, septyni, shtatë, ewt’n, spät, yedi, sib’a, tujoh, the last one, qi!!!!!!

For Moscow or Erzurum or many other places 7 degrees is not special. For Mersin it is freezing!!!! The minimum was only 3. No, I will not repeat three in other languages!

The only heating I have used in my apartment was a hot water bottle for my bed and an occasional use of the reverse-cycle air conditioner in the bedroom. That is, until today. After our billiard game, Orhan helped me drag a gas heater from work, order the gas bottle and then drag the heater up the 100 or so stairs and six levels to my apartment. I now have heat! Prior to this, my apartment was like a fridge! Some of the other people at work have colds whilst I don’t. I wonder if it a coincidence that they have warm homes and mine is cold…..

The cold weather has inspired the procurement of the Weather Underground sticker for Mersin in the links section on the right of the page.

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