The Cypriots are Voting for (or against) Reunification Today

After many, many debates and meetings, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots will vote today on a reunification plan. I really hope the locals can put the terrible past behind them and unite Cyprus again. Somehow, I don’t see this happening for a while. There are too many strong feelings. Having written this, it is very good that talks have reached this far. Today it is expected the Turkish Cypriots will vote for the plan and the Greek Cypriots against.

The ferries from Turkey to Northern (Turkish) Cyprus leave all year round from Mersin and from Tasucu, near Silifke, 80 km west. In 2002 I travelled to Northern Cyprus with Umut and Beysun. Then, as now, the border between the two sides is closed to most people. I really hope the next time I go there will be no border and everyone is free to visit the entire island. I don’t know when this will happen. The situation will be interesting after 1 May when the South (Greek Cyprus) joins the European Union.

A brief history of the island of Cyprus and the machinations between the Greek and Turkish sides is on the BBC website.

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